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[Video] Doc DJ Remix - 4-Minute Mission

Was testing out the video podcasting feature soon to come to FREAKONOMIX when this video using one of my old remixes was sent to me. Nice timing! Figure, why not add it to my podcast for you all to enjoy in your iTunes.

Basically, Mission Impossible theme song elements added to the Timbaland Remix version of “4 Minutes”. Also, there’s some James Bond theme song elements during the break.

Video remixed by VJ Heat.

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  • JustinJames

    What up DOC!? Havent logged into my ish in a minute, but thank you for the mixtape love. I see that the site is rapidly growing, so big ups. You just might have a hand-full very very soon...

  • yossyracing

    sweets, can't wait to watch it on my gadgets! muchas gracias!!!

  • vonnyboy

    aah man! video too. this site is the ish!! thanks!

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