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Big Up to My Canadians, Brew City, and The Fam!!! Dis One Right ere is an Original… Selecta, Com Down! One Love… Swan, B. Stevens, Liz, Sexy Chocolate, Greeneyes, Kari J.,My Fam Allen Tate-Thanks for ALL the support! DJ Mike Smoove, Jinx, Big, My Brother Chris Hay,Calvin P.Christy H. I didn’t for get about U, Ma! David, Grady, Diana, Dj Oh-D, Hasson, Justin, My lil sis Kimmy, Manue, Mike A., Big Mike, Nadia, Sylvia Lee, Teck Money, And the LOVE of my LIFE Rachel!!!


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  • nic

    I guess when you receive sooo much LOVE... You gotta expect someone to HATE!!!

    First of all... YES, I do know Dj Lil Ken personally. YES, I did ask him to send me a song. (1 song!) And YES, I was @ the last party he was spin'in @ because I've been knowing and supporting him since he Dj'ed @ Sensations back in the day!

    BE CLEAR!!! I don't FRONT, COPY, or BITE... "WHERE I'M FROM" we don't hide behind a computer to voice our opinions either! Please, feel free to call ME directly to speak about this MAN to MAN. (714) 317-8450

    In the meantime... Before you accuse me of biting someone else's set. KNOW your HISTORY!

    As Dj's... We don't OWN the music we PLAY. We only OWN the way in which we PLAY it.

    Respect & God Bless.

    The World Famous N.I.C


  • OJ

    R U kidding me??? Sounds just like DJ LIL Ken's set at the last party he threw and I could of sworn you were there. Where I am from, we call that BITING!! Didn't you ask him for some of his jams, not your frontin and copying sets???? Nice!!

  • Bem


    Nice, nice, nice. Downloading it now, man. Unsubstantiated factoid re. the title of this mix: Saw this movie about Marley and there was a guy talking about his stage dancing. Said that Bob was basically just juggling an air soccer ball while on stage. Sorta like running in place, I guess.

    Anyway, man....loved the mix. Keep it up.


  • swan :)

    LOVES IT! i feel like i've been waiting for this forEVER! (wait, i have) but it's been well worth it. totally feel good mix that's got me trying to 'whine it up' - from the comfort of my room where no one else can see!
    thanks for putting this together, can't wait to blast it in the vehicular for all of bc to enjoy :)

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