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Funky Breaks #6


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In order to know where you are going you must know where you’ve come from. Here is a mix I made back in 2000-2002. This is all funky breaks. Back in the day all I played was this music. I want to put up a variety of podcasts here on, so here you go. The style of the mix is clear right from the beginning, so check it out and press play. If anyone want’s more of these types of mixes posted, please comment. I have 12 total all made ‘99-’03. More audio and VIDEO podcasts coming soon, stay tuned !


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    Thanks for the props you guys ! I'm gonna load some more mixes like this, hell I'll put them all up !

  • Kelly

    Lovin' the breaks you throw down!! Man do I miss those days when breaks (true, heartfelt breaks --you know, the kind where you can just TELL that dj has passion for the music they play) weren't so hard to come by! :'( Takes me back to good times listening to your mixes. Thanks!

  • bboy

    these funky breaks are super dope... if u have more, please load them... its my favorite of the all right now...

  • docdj

    this is really dope. for reals. thanks for this one. enjoyed listening.

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