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Future Heat Mix Vol. 12 October 2011 By DJ Kizra


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The Best In The Best Tracks For The Month Of October 2011!


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  • Djemv1

    Was this made with Virtual DJ??? not a fan of the effects... very very amateur-ish. This is a cool warm up mix. The song selection wont have me dancing but it does set a cool drink and chill vibe. should screen for Virtual DJ mixes.. they suck..  

  • Keith

    Yeah it was made on Virtual DJ. I'm getting real tired of buying new control records, needles, and extra funds for my Technics and Serato. What do you know? Maybe you should invest in a logo so you won't look like and amatuer and stop hating on DJ's that just want to release music for that month. should look into cocky and rude people cause they suck! Later hater!

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