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FREAKONOMIX was created by DJ Serafin and Doc DJ to give DJs simple podcast hosting and broadcasting tools. Through a simple registration and upload process, DJs can have a podcast up and running in less than 24 hours. And music fans now have one-click access to their favorite DJs’ podcasts right in their favorite media player’s (including iTunes and Zune) podcast library!

DJs, for more details about hosting your podcast at FREAKONOMIX, see the DJ Sign Up page.

Music fans, for information about how to subscribe to your favorite DJs’ podcasts, see the How To page.

Advertisers, to find out about our fresh approach to marketing, see the Advertise page.

Read on to find out more about the FREAKONOMIX co-founders.

DJ Serafin

DJ SerafinDJ Serafin is a Los Angeles based DJ, known for his electrifying remixes and savvy mixing style. This DJ/Producer/Remixer has launched himself into the mainstream club/music industry.

DJ Serafin brings an innovative sound to events and club nights across North America. He has gained major recognition for his mash ups through the esteemed remix website, DJs around the world are playing Serafin’s remixes. He remains one of the 10 remixer’s of all time.

DJ Serafin’s seamless integration of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Bmore and Rock, has earned him a place among the DJ elite in Los Angeles and all over the United States. Club goers can attest that when attending a DJ Serafin night, they are in for a party of non-stop dancing and fun.

Recently DJ Serafin has leant his remarkable production skills to a new Video Game application, Hip Hop All Stars, that will be coming out Summer of 2009. Jive Records touted DJ Serafin for his incredible remixing skills for up and coming Artist, Livvi Franc’s new single, “Now I’m That Bitch.”

With two successful tours under his belt in Florida and Texas, including a 3,000 person event at the House Of Blues Orlando, the sky is the limit for what is to come.

DJ Serafin is one of the fastest rising DJ’s to come out of Hollywood. He is definitely the one to watch!

Doc DJ

Doc DJGetting his start at 12 years old waaay back in 1987 in Hawaii, Doc DJ has over 20 years of club music industry experience. Like many DJs back then, he started out doing mobile, spinning an eclectic mix of music representative of Hawaii’s diverse races and cultures. Outside of music, Doc DJ’s professional life as an economist, internet entrepreneur, blogger, and web marketer has taken him all over the world, allowing him to stay in touch with his DJ roots with occasional guest DJ sets at various clubs. From Hawaii, to Boston, to Singapore, and LA, Doc DJ has rocked dance floors of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Schooled in multiple musical instruments and possessing club music knowledge spanning over 20 years, more recently, Doc DJ has focused on remix and original music production. For the past few years, he has built a solid reputation for producing numerous club-bangers for several major DJ remix web sites. In addition, he has started several DJ-centric web projects, FREAKONOMIX being one such project.