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FREAKONOMIX alpha-launched in June 2009. Currently, we are offering advertisers special alpha-launch prices. We do not just sell banner ads! Advertisers, please read on.

Are you a brand looking to be in front of the world’s top DJs? Are you a brand looking to associate yourself with a fresh, cutting edge, smart, and hip new media company? Or maybe you are trying to figure out how to take advantage of all the new social media technology out there and utilize them in focused tactical marketing campaigns?

FREAKONOMIX is NOT JUST a DJ mix podcast hosting website. While our core competency is connecting DJs and fans of DJ mixes using the latest technologies, we take pride in being able to offer potential advertisers outside-the-box marketing solutions. We are not your run-of-the-mill website offering simple banner ads.

Uh, OK. So what are you trying to say exactly?

Besides being involved in the DJ music scene for over 20 years, co-founder Doc DJ has almost 10 years of new media strategic planning, marketing, and web development experience. Getting his start back in 2000 at an entertainment Internet startup in Asia, Doc DJ has years of hands-on experience with new media sales and marketing. He takes pride in coming up with multi-faceted tactical marketing ideas that integrate the strengths of various technologies. As such, FREAKONOMIX offers advertisers one-on-one marketing consulting sessions and will work with you to tailor custom integrated campaigns that achieve your marketing goals.

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