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FREAKONOMIX is 100% devoted to giving music fans of DJ mix sets an extremely easy way to get their favorite DJs’ podcasts into their iTunes music player and on to their iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices! The site is also optimized to allow playback on most mobile phone’s equipped with a mobile web browser.

For fans that don’t use a mobile device, not to worry. You can still keep track of your favorite DJ podcasts by subscribing to his/her e-mail updates or using an RSS feed reader such as Google Reader.

Also, mobile phone browser users can listen to mixes right on your phone without syncing with iTunes.

Subscribing to DJ Mix Podcasts in iTunes

So easy a caveman can do it! For real. On your computer that you are running iTunes (get iTunes for free here), open your web browser and navigate to any DJ Page on FREAKONOMIX. You can get to a DJ Page at any time on the site, by clicking on any DJ username link. Doing so will pull up a page with the DJ’s profile, including bio, pic, website, and Twitter.

Open iTunes on your computer (you don’t have to open it first, but doing so will make the next subscription process much faster). Now, click on the “iTUNES” image link at the bottom of the DJ profile under the “Subscribe and Share” section (the link can also be found on individual podcast mix pages). The image link looks like this:

iTunes Podcast Library

iTunes Podcast Library

Go back to your iTunes. Under the Podcast Library at the top-left, you should see a podcast titled “FREAKONOMIX» (whatever DJ username you subscribed to) DJ Mix Podcast” start going to work on downloading the latest podcasts. Some of the podcasts may be up to 100 MB, so give it some time. Hopefully, you are on a fast broadband connection.

To make sure you get the podcasts on to your Apple music player, after you plug in your music player, go to the Podcasts tab under your device. Either make sure “All podcasts” is checked, or if you prefer the “Selected podcasts” option, make sure the FREAKONOMIX podcast is checked.

Now, everytime the DJs you subscribed to upload a new mix to FREAKONOMIX, your iTunes podcast library will automatically download it! And it’ll be on your Apple music player after the next time you sync your device!

That’s it!

Following DJ Mix Podcasts Via E-mail Updates

If you don’t use iTunes, no worries. You can still catch the latest heat from your favorite DJs instantly via e-mail as soon as it’s uploaded to the site! Just click the “E-Update” image link at the bottom of any DJ profile (also on individual mix pages). The image link looks like this:

FREAKONOMIX e-mail updates are hosted by Google FeedBurner. You’ll be asked to confirm your subscription request. Be sure to look for the e-mail subscription confirmation link from them and click on it to confirm your e-mail update subscription.

Following DJ Mix Podcasts in an RSS Feed Reader

Finally, you can follow your favorite DJs using RSS and a feed reader (for a detailed explanation of RSS, see Wikipedia). In short, an RSS feed reader allows you to keep track of multiple website content updates in one web application - the feed reader. The benefit of this is that you can follow all your favorite websites without having to click around to the dozens of sites you read. The RSS feed reader we recommend is Google Reader.

Once you set up a Google Reader account, you can add “subscriptions” to your favorite websites by clicking the “Add a subscription” link at the top-left of your Google Reader window. Then, copy and paste your desired website’s RSS feed link (not all websites have these) to the pop-up box.

On FREAKONOMIX DJ Pages, we’ve made it easy for you to find a DJ’s RSS feed. Simply click on the “RSS” image link at the bottom of any DJ profile (also on individual mix pages). You’ll be taken to the feed link (FREAKONOMIX employs the services of Feedburner to serve RSS links). Copy and paste this link into the Google Reader “Add a subscription” pop-up box. The image link looks like this:

Every time your that DJ updates FREAKONOMIX with a new podcast, you’ll see it in your Google Reader FREAKONOMIX feed. You can play the podcast from there.

Listening to DJ Mixes Using Mobile Phone Web Browser

FREAKONOMIX offers a special mobile-optimized version of the site for users wanting on-the-go access to DJ mixes from their smart phone. Just enter in your smart phone web browser address bar, navigate to the mix you want to listen to and look for and click on the “DOWNLOAD ↓ (Mobile Browser Play)” link. Depending on the mobile browser you are using, you may be directed to another page, where you have to click another play link. In iPhone/Touch Safari browser, the mix will play right away in the iPod app (which means you can use other apps simultaneously while listening to the mix!). Perfect for times when you’re at a house party with no good music or chillin’ at your local coffee shop.

Check back here often for more “How To” tips and tricks!