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Turbo charge your marketing by hosting your own podcast!

FREAKONOMIX was started by DJs for DJs. Our mission is to give you, the DJ, a multitude of online tools to add to your marketing arsenal. To this end, FREAKONOMIX offers professional audio/video podcast hosting here on

By signing up for a podcast at FREAKONOMIX, each DJ will host their very own podcast. You control the content. Your fans will be able to have your podcasts automatically synced to their iTunes anytime you upload more podcast mix sets (audio or video). See the How To page for more details on how easy it is for fans to subscribe to your podcasts.

Prices start at just $2.00 (SALE on Platinum Podcast Package) per audio/video mix podcast file per year! You can get started with a single mix upload for just $1.99 (SALE on Quickie Podcast Trial)!

Also, with your FREAKONOMIX registration, there’s some free member benefits. Read on below for details.


FREE Member Benefits:

  • BASIC DJ PROFILE: DJ profile page with bio, website link, and Twitter feed. Premium DJ profile features available if you end up purchasing a podcast hosting package; see below. (If you only use the FREE services described below, your basic profile will be accessible via those FREE services only.)
  • UPLOAD PRIVILEGES: All members get FREE upload privileges (up to 8 single track remix uploads per month) at Perfect for hosting your promo remix projects. We also accept 30-90 second remix track snippets for remix artists wanting to promote their work with links to donation/subscription DJ remix sites.


DJ Mix Podcast Hosting Benefits at FREAKONOMIX:

  • PREMIUM DJ PROFILE: Basic profile PLUS pic/logo upload, Facebook Fan Box widget, and customizable HTML (so you can embed YouTube and other flash code if you want). See an example.
  • AUDIO AND VIDEO FILE HOSTING: Compare to the competition. Where other sites offer just audio file hosting, FREAKONOMIX offers BOTH audio and video (QuickTime Pro required for video) file hosting (Click here to see a video podcast mix example). Upload mp3 DJ mixes, video scratch sessions, video mixes, and basically anything that promotes your DJ skills to your fans! Think of your podcast as your own personal DJ show. BUT, unlike other sites, all your uploaded media content works on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS and can be downloaded with one click: web streaming, web download, iTunes (and Zune) podcast library syncing/download, iPhone/iPod/Touch syncing, and flash media player streaming (premium service).
  • PERSONAL iTUNES PODCAST SUBSCRIPTION LINK: This gives your fans one-click syncing of your DJ audio/video podcast to their iTunes (and other supported media players). Only your podcasts will be featured from your link. No other DJ’s podcast will reside at your link. Go ahead. Try it out. Check out a few DJ mixes and subscribe to someone’s podcast by clicking (iTunes required). Every time that DJ uploads a new podcast mix, your iTunes downloads it. Easy as 1, 2, 3! (This does not mean your podcast will be listed in the iTunes podcast DIRECTORY. That is an entirely different thing that requires you to apply to Apple on your own.)
  • PERSONAL EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Your Premium DJ profile page and mix pages will include your own personal fan email subscription link. Fans who sign up will be notified via email whenever you upload a new podcast.
  • PERSONAL PODCAST RSS FEED: For your more technologically savvy fans, your own RSS feed link. (To learn about RSS, see Wikipedia.)
  • DOWNLOAD LINK FOR EACH MIX: No annoying pop-up ads or “wait” times to download. If your fans choose not to subscribe to your podcast via iTunes, they can visit your mix pages and download to their hearts content. No download limits.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED (SEO) PAGES: This ensures that your DJ profile and podcast pages at show up in the major search engines. An often overlooked but EXTREMELY important benefit. For example, go to and search for one of our favorite DJs, “dj dynamix”. You will notice that his DJ profile page shows up as the first search result! (We cannot guarantee search engine results and your search engine ranking will vary.)

Prices start at just $2.00 (SALE on Platinum Podcast Package) per audio/video mix podcast file per year! You can get started with a single mix upload for just $1.99 (SALE on Quickie Podcast Trial)!

So what are you waiting for???